Shruti Hassan at Lakme Fashion Week

Actress Shruti Haasan, daughter of actor Kamal Haasan, scorched the ramp of Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive September 2010 for a popular designer in an outfit from his tarot collection. Shruti Hassan was dressed in a blue-toned silk sari with a dazzling border and long sleeved black net choli. Check out 12 more images after the break...

Pocket Scooters

Pocket Scooters more images after the short break...

South side — Sakshi

Mumbai model Sakshi is playing Appalrraju’s heroine. Right now the shooting of ‘Katha-Screenplay-Darsakatvam: Appalrraju’ is progressing at Padmalaya Studios in Hyderabad. Starring Sunil and Swathi in leading roles, this RGV’s film has cinematography by Sudhakar Reddy Yekkanti and music by Koti. More images after the break...

Leather Pictures

Mark Evans produces captivating works of wall art using nothing more than sheets of full grain leather, a variety of knife blades, and some special waxes. Each creation is stunning. Using only his artistic skill and a blade, Evans produces large scale works and reproductions out of leather. The tonal pieces are incredible for their craftsmanship and the sheer effort and time it must take to produce one. More images after the break...

SaiL Amsterdam — Parade of ships

SAIL Amsterdam is a large maritime event held every five years in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Tall ships from all over the world visit the city to moor in its Eastern harbour, and people can then visit the ships for four days (free of charge). The event was organised for the first time in 1975 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Amsterdam, under the name 'Sail Amsterdam 700'. At that time, interest in tall ships, which had sunk to a low since the 1930s when the last commercial tall ships had been built, was starting to rise[citation needed]. The success of Sail Amsterdam 700 led to the establishment of the Stichting Sail Amsterdam (SSA, Foundation Sail Amsterdam). More images after the break...

Katy Perry in Santa Barbara

Katy Perry Performs at Dos Pueblos High School in Santa Barbara, More images after the break...

World’s Top 10 Fastest Roller Coasters

10. Phantom’s Revenge – Kennywood, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA
Top Speed: 82 mph / 131.9 km/h
In 2001, the Phantom’s Revenge was built to replace the Steel Phantom, which had consistently been ranked in the top five roller coasters in the world. It includes a 228 foot drop, subterranean tunnel, and reaches a maximum speed of 82 miles per hour. For the sake of tradition, some of the features of the Steel Phantom were retained, including the steel track. Replacing the loops and corkscrew, it now offers an array of hills and drops. With more than 1400 roller coasters in the world how do you know which ones to pack into your summer? If you are crazy about speed then here are ten of the fastest rollers coasters in the world. The interesting fact about this list is that USA holds seven places in ten. More after the break...

Original Beard and Mustache

Spicemen - photo series by Dave Mead, of the most elegant, the strangest and most difficult beards and mustaches in the world. More images after the break...

Keira Knightley on Bike

Keira Knightley on a motorcycle...more images after the short break...

Ashley Greene in Paris

Ashley Greene and Miley Cyrus are now in Paris shooting the film "The loud laughter. In his free time shooting the girls come off on a full ... More images after the break...

Portraits By Marco Calcinaro

The amazing Portraits By Marco Calcinaro, more images after the break...

Emma Watson People Tree Autumn Winter Collection

Emma Watson announced the launch of London based Fairtrade partner People Tree's Autumn/Winter 2010 collection on her website. Watson, is currently at Brown University in Providence, R.I., where she is majoring in literature. She was the creative adviser for the range last year. This year she didn't design the collection, but continues to lend her support to the clothing line that targets under-24s.  Check out 8 more images after the jump...

Katrina Kaif Pantene's New Brand Ambassador

Katrina Kaif was announced as the brand ambassador of Pantene at Taj Lands End,Bandra, Mumbai. Actress Katrina Kaif promoted the new range of Pantene Shampoo in Mumbai at Taj Land End at Bandra through the campaign you try you decide. While speaking with media Katrina Kaif shared her beauty secret about how she manages to keep her hair shining and healthy.  More images after the break...

10 Most Colorful Chinatowns

1. Singapore
Singapore’s Chinatown, once home to the first Chinese settlers in what’s now a heavily Westernized city-state, is one of its few distinctly Asian neighborhoods. The enclave was home to the area’s earliest Chinese settlers. Several of its institutions, such as the Heritage Centre, Food Street, and Night Market, preserve the culture of its original inhabitants, while some areas of the district are designated national heritage sites. Many historic buildings remain as relics of the past, as well as to complement the otherwise modern landscape.
We have compile a list of most colorful Chinatowns in the world. Take a look at the some wonderful photos of these world’s  great Chinatowns. Please feel free to drop your comments. See more after the short break...

New PSP Phone Design is Based on Sony Mylo 2

As we’re getting closer to what may be the launch of the very first PSP Phone, there’s another nifty concept of the device to glance at. Pictured below, the PSP Phone design made by iSuriv is based on the Sony Mylo 2 combined with a PSP and an XPERIA handset.

New PSP Phone Design is Based on Sony Mylo 2
The supposed specs of the device include a 5 inch Super AMOLED screen, a Cortex A9 CPU, WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, plus 4G and an accelerometer. iSuriv also wants an accelerometer on the console phone, a proximity sensor, a light sensor and gyroscope. The internal memory will be 8/16GB, accompanied by a microSD slot, while the camera at the back will be an 8MP unit with LED flash and capable of 720p video recording. more info and images after the break...

4 Images

Shraddha Das latest stills

South Indian actress Shraddha Das latest gallery, more images after the break...

The Forbidden City of China — Zijin Cheng

The Chinese name of the Forbidden City is Zijin Cheng. From the Ming Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty the “Forbidden City” was the Chinese imperial palace. It is situated in the centre of Beijing. It was served as the home of emperors and their households for almost five hundred years. It was also the political centre of Chinese government. More images after the break...

Selena Gomez — Music Video Promos

Selena Gomez – “A Year Without Rain” Music Video Promos... More images after the break...

World’s 10 Most Colorful Chinatowns

1. Singapore
Singapore’s Chinatown, once home to the first Chinese settlers in what’s now a heavily Westernized city-state, is one of its few distinctly Asian neighborhoods. The enclave was home to the area’s earliest Chinese settlers. Several of its institutions, such as the Heritage Centre, Food Street, and Night Market, preserve the culture of its original inhabitants, while some areas of the district are designated national heritage sites. Many historic buildings remain as relics of the past, as well as to complement the otherwise modern landscape. More after the break...

Interesting Cargo Loading

How to move the impossible — Cargo loading see more images after the break...

Top 10 most creative people in business

This year’s 100 Most Creative People offers our own, idiosyncratic perspective on business. The selections reflect the breadth of news ideas and new pursuits at play in our business landscape. Here we present the top 10 from list of innovators.

10. Qi Lu – President of Online Services, Bing; Microsoft
It’s hard to imagine software giant Microsoft in the role of David, but up against the search Goliath Google, the casting fits. More after the break...

Katy Perry in Paris

Katy Perry takes an afternoon off from promoting her new album by dining at Le Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower and shopping and Zadig & Voltaire.
(August 31, 2010 - Photo by Bauer Griffin) 

Philips Fluid Flexible Smartphone Concept

Philips Fluid Flexible Smartphone Concept, Created by Brazilian Designer Dinard da Mata
Bracelet phone designs are already a regular item on our site, specially since these concepts are hot-looking and appealing to the feminine audience. This time we’re dealing with the Philips Fluid smartphone, a flexible OLED phone created by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata.
6 Images

Amazing Moments

Hard to believe that all these photos are real or photoshop, But this is amazing and wondrous, See more images after the jump....

How Morgan Cars Are Made Out of Wood

The Morgan Motor Company located in Britain doesn’t change in a changing world. Not only it is still independent, but it also makes each car by hand. A base model is about $44,000, but some cars cost up to $300,000. And people wait for over a year to get their exclusive hand-built cars with the shell made out of metal and much of the vehicle made out of wood. More images after the break...

Kelly Brook at the Tower Bridge

Kelly Brook joins London's Mayor Boris Johnson at London's Tower Bridge to promote a bike ride in the British capital. SkyRide is a cycling event that will take part cities across the country on Sunday and is aimed at getting more people out exercising.
( August 31, 2010 - Photo by More images after the break...

Katy Perry at the Eiffel Tower

Katy Perry visits the Eiffel Tower in Paris. More pictures after the break...

All time Pictures of Jennifer Aniston

The childhood picture of Jennifer Aniston.... How did she looks her time,
more images after the break...
More Images

The World’s Most Spectacular Roads

10. Stelvio Pass, Italy

48 hairpin turns up to a 2757m (9045ft) pass in the Italian Alps, and Top Gear’s pick for “greatest driving road in the world.” Photo: Damian Morys Foto

09. Cabot Trail, Canada
Wrapping around northern Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island, the Cabot Trail is mountainous and windy with near-constant ocean views. I recommend biking it. More images after the break... 
10 Images

2010 - Celebrity Weddings

2010 - a round number for the origin of family life. And what time, if not summer, suitable for the ceremony more than anything.

1. Country singer Carrie Underwood, 27 years old, and hockey player Mike Fisher, 30, were married July 10 in a modest circle of friends of 250 people. According to Carrie, which open up the magazine «PEOPLE» after the engagement, which took place on 20 December, the couple will have some time to roam between homes in Nashville and St. Petersburg, Ontario, until they get themselves a cozy nest. See more celebritie's wedding images after the break...
10 Images

Top 10 Generals of Western History

In our modernized, mechanized age of warfare, where decisions are made by civilians, officers far from any line of combat, congressional committees, and unknown military strategists in committee, an army is a faceless thing. For the last six decades, the idea of massed armies doing battle has been considered a curiosity of the past, and warfare is often viewed more as an endemic state of some sort rather than a series of events.

Once, however, responsibility and consequence were not so diffused. Brilliant strategic, tactical, and logistical minds had immediate and total control of large armies, and those armies became victorious or defeated because of one man’s ability. In our attempt to survey the great generals of history, we must limit ourselves, or at least agree to common terms. For the purposes of this list, those eligible for inclusion must have been field commanders, with undeniable autonomy in their battles; no armchair generals or errand boys here.

10. Attila the Hun

Leader of the Hunnish empire that stretched from the borders of modern day France to the steppes of Russia, this thorn in the side of both Roman and Byzantine empires assembled a massive force of all the tribes and nations traditionally viewed as provincial savages – Huns, Goths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, and many more, and nearly conquered mainland Europe. In the template of other “barbarian” conquerors to come after him, like Genghis Khan, he showed the lie of assumed Western superiority; and whenever your enemies names you “the Scourge of God”, you can assume you’ve proved yourself a respected threat. See more after the break...

Priyanka Chopra Photoshoot for Her Website

Priyanka Chopra Photoshoot for Her Website Launch. Priyanka Chopra $izzles in latest Photoshoot on the eve of her Website launch. You can called its cyber w@r between two biggest name in tinsel town, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. First Piggy Chops join twitter, while Kareena launch her own site, to get connected with fans. Now there are new that Kareena soon launching travel blog where she will share her experience with her fans. Lets see what Priyanka come up with. Meanwhile checkout Priyanka Chopra Photoshoot. See More images after the break...

Smart Plus – Not As Confusing As A Tech Movie

The working mechanics of tech gadgets in futuristic movies can really stump me at times, so for my sake, I’m going to try and keep this as simple as I can. The Smart Plus is a combination of a laptop case, projector keyboard and a Smartphone. There is no screen or a dedicated hardrive involved in the setup; the Smartphone itself is the “brains” in this combo. The inside of the case doubles up as a screen and the projector beams images to it or any other surface you desire. All of it together can be used as a laptop, gaming console or a phone.

The phone splits up into two where the bottom half is gaming controls and top touchscreen half, docks with the projector board. The idea for this new system is to do away with unnecessary electronic clutter and use the bare minimum. If nothing else, you can save up on individual internet options for your various devices and use only one for the Smart Plus.via

Steel sculptures

Sculptor Liao Yibai was born in 1971 in China. Lives and works in Beijing. His works balance between irony and tenderness, and social criticism.

Celebrity Pets

Paris Hilton with her chihuahua named Tinkerbel. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Do celebrity whims. They even pets choose the color of her dress at the Oscars. Chief Photographer star pets Christopher Ameruoso made thousands of images of 500 celebrities with their dogs, lizards and even piglets. See More Pets images after the break...

Top 10 countries where average age is too High

Some fictions says age of a person depends on area of the person where he is born, and on the other hand some myths from science says it depends on the genetics of the person, the breed from where the person is born, but there are some realistic people, who believe that age depends on the physical fitness and the stamina of the person and not on any of the factors mentioned before.

The reality is that every specific area on the Planet Earth has its own average age of living, that differs a long run with other areas, we have collected the list of top 10 countries where the average age of a common man is way high. So, which country made into the list, see below!

10 - Guernsey
Photo Link

Average age: 80.42 Years

The island of Guernsey, located in the English Channel, is a British Crown dependency, but it’s not part of the U.K. The reason for its high life expectancy is simple: It’s extremely wealthy. Very low taxes make Guernsey a popular destination for tax exiles who can afford the very best in nutrition and medical care. More than half of the island’s income comes from financial services — which means well-paid desk jobs — with very few people working in heavy industry. Read more after the break...

Curiosity on the Beach

In California, there is a peculiar event in Venice Beach. Surrounded by a crowd of onlookers 2 girls in b!k!n!s trying to pull the ??? out of deck chairs, which stuck his @$$. Girls unsuccessfully pushing and pulling it in front of astonished passers-by.



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