Kelly Brook for Esquire UK June 2011

Kelly Brook for Esquire UK June 2011. More images after the break...

Sonakshi Sinha Photoshot Hello Magazine

Sonakshi Sinha on the Cover of Hello Magazine. More images after the break...

Shweta Tiwari on ShowTime Magazine

Shweta Tiwari on ShowTime Magazine. More images after the break...

Deepika Padukone At Rana Movie Press Meet

Deepika Padukone At Rana Movie Press Meet. More images after the break...

Women Trying To Be Tomb Raider Lara Croft

More images after the break...

Scary Dentist Tools Of The Past

Here are some very scared looking dental tools for a very long time. They were very close and did something I'd stuck in his mouth. But again, these days do not have many options. More after the break...

WALL-E PC Casemod Really Can Not Move

German handyman Thechoozen Cologne built this incredible look of WALL-E robot that has a mini PC inside. It's not all. There was sheet metal and a unit of RC, if this case can actually move, and it has a few webcams hidden behind his eyes to catch a POV 3D image, where homelessness WALL-E. More after the break...

Funny Police Photos

The police is very simple. They should ensure that the whole law. And from time to time will have to calm the masses of people gather around to protest against the causes. Because their work is so severe, it's really strange to see them looking to enjoy the fun. More after the break...

15 Awesome Mazes and Labyrinths

Mazes and labyrinths are found worldwide and are important cultural works, provides valuable information about our history and the human psyche. In Greek mythology, the Labyrinth designed by Daedalus to confine the Minotaur, the labyrinth, but it is a symbolic meaning, too. "Walking the Labyrinth" is said to be a profoundly personal and revealing meditation by which a person gains insight into his true nature.

Labyrinths, by contrast, are designed to be a strategic issue, which is one of humanity's original physics puzzle games. Unlike a maze, which is designed to be contemplative, but easy to fill, a labyrinth is deliberately difficult to navigate. Both mazes and labyrinths symbolically reveal two sides of the human spirit: the complexity and simplicity of design and mystery, intuition and sensory experience. They are emblematic of the eternal philosophical tension between free will and destiny. Here are some of the most complex labyrinths, beautiful and creative and labyrinths worldwide.

Dole Plantation
The world’s longest maze is at the Dole Plantation on Oahu, Hawai’i. Comprised of 11,400 tropical native plants and covering 3.11 miles. More after the break...

1000 Pound Jack Sparrow Sculpture

This outrageous tribute to Disney's rum-loving pirate is nearly 9 feet tall and weighs nearly 1000-pounds! Everything is made of scrap metal and old pieces of old computers (like those sculptures Transformers), and the creative minds at Studio Kreatworks in Thailand, he slept with a lot of paint, so no rust. As they refer to him as a "steampunk" sculpture we have not really seen that way. It can consist of a bunch of gear and others, but it really looks like a statue of old-timey metal of us. It is now for sale on Etsy. More images after the break...

China’s Electronic Waste Hell

China is thе sеcond wоrld lаrgest prоducer оf of E-waste prоducing оvеr one million tоns yеar а. Bеsidеs, China is the largest importer оf frоm E-waste аll оver the world. It gаthers 70% оf garbоge electronic yеаr еаch (20-25 million tons). more after the break...

Great Caricatures of Famous People

 Great Caricatures of Famous People... 45 images



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