The Flying Tank

Mi-28N “The Night Hunter” has a special system of pilots protection and can “see” an enemy at 35km distance even in darkness. Test pilots call it “fighter-helicopter” and ordinary people know it as “a flying tank”. See more images after the break...

Night vision goggles of the helicopter allow a pilot to fight even in the night time. It is equipped with an impressive armoury reserve. An inbuilt movable gun can totally destroy an armored personal carrier in 10 shots. The rockets complex “Igla” is intended for destruction of helicopters and drones. However, the main power of “the Night Hunter” is in its anti-tank missile “Ataka” against which all tanks are powerless.

The construction of the helicopter ensures the safety of the crew. The armoured cab withstands even direct hits of 12.7 mm bullets. A seat of the pilot is higher than the seat of the shooter so the vehicle has been made flatter and less vulnerable.
Mi-28N helicopters are already coming into operation of the Russian army. The Caucasus and The Russian Far East will see them first.
“The Flying Tank” applies a complex of on-board radio-electronic and instrumentation equipment that allows to use weapons and cope with flight and navigation tasks day and night in any meteorogical conditions at the lowest possible height using automatic terrain and flying around obstacle.

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