Nokia N8 by Nokia N8

Prior to the Nokia N8 I relied on the N82 for product shots. Yes, I could have used a digicam but I just like the simplicity of sending a bunch of photos over bluetooth. No looking for wires, removing any memory cards, just click and send.
Anyway, I was checking out the N8 to see how it would fare and thought I'd share some of the raw unedited photos as well as on board photo editing. You can see full sized pics by clicking at the gallery at the end of this post.

The selection here are of the black and white shots of another Nokia N8. Being already black there's not really that much of a drastic change.

Camera Settings:........

  • Macro
  • Exposure (+1)
  • Contrast (+2)
  • Black and White
Increasing the exposure makes the white background truly white. This would require little editing if you wanted to achieve those photo styles where they just have the device on a white background and nothing else. The set up is as simple as a piece of plain paper and some good lighting.
At +2 Exposure things start to look a little alien. Ooh the bright lights! Works in some situations, but here makes the image washed out. The white surrounding it is definitely now just completely white.
Now with the wide-angle lens we can't get the same close up macros as the N82, HOWEVER: Tip: Just use the digital zoom.


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