Type 2 Diabetes and how can be cured or Treated?

Although Type 2 diabetes is preventable and treatable, it can cause serious health consequences if left uncontrolled. SparkPeople’s Type 2 Diabetes Condition Center will show you how nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes can help you manage your condition and prevent complications. Approximately 17 million Americans are diabetics.

The first thing you need to do is find yourself a good internal medicine physician in general practice. You will not survive if you try to treat yourself. This physician can tell you in quite exact terms what your condition is and work out a treatment and diabetic diet plan, not one that will cure your disease, but one that will control it and keep you alive with the least possible damage to your system.
fonis diabetes 5532

This disease requires a lot of self-management, and that means that you need to educate yourself and take charge. No one else can make the changes in lifestyle that will determine whether you will come down with all or any of the adverse effects. Only you can do that. Those changes include daily monitoring of your blood-sugar levels with a meter, lancets, and diabetic testing strips. You will also need to keep a log of your readings. see more after the break...

Diabetes type 2

diabetes type 2
The second change will be dietary in nature. It’s probably true that if you have diabetes, your diet is not keeping you in very good shape. This will be one of the hardest changes to make, but is also the key to surviving diabetes. You need to read a lot about the relationship between diet and blood sugar. The American Diabetes Association is your friend now. Become an expert on carbohydrates, types of sugars, the role of protein in a healthy diabetic diet, and learn how dairy products can be your friend and play a useful role in your new life plan.

Where you obtain your diabetic supplies and your medications must be decided by you. You’ll find a lot of companies offering free meters, but look at the whole picture. That company will also require that you buy your lancets and strips, and they may be much more expensive than with other sources. Talk to your doctor and to other diabetics for guidance and advice in these matters.
causes diabetes type 2
Causes diabetes type 2

What really causes type 2 diabetes

trans-fatty acids attach themselves to the cell walls, and because they are a different type and shape of molecule, make the cell walls "rigid," and the large glucose molecules cannot penetrate the cell walls and get into the cells.

Once a person has been diagnosed with diabetes, then they are forced to deal with the condition for life, as there is no cure. However, many of the symptoms and complications associated with type 2 diabetes can be mitigated or removed completely. The same rules that apply for prevention also apply for treatment. Eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise are the two most important things that you can do to reduce your diabetes symptoms. For many people, this will be the only treatment necessary, while for others more regimented treatments might be in order.

Part of the requirements for managing blood sugar is getting regular blood sugar readings via a portable device. This means regular finger pricks to make sure that blood glucose levels are not too high. Therefore, managing blood sugar levels becomes a daily task. Aside from diet and exercise, there are other forms of insulin therapy that make use of medications, either administered orally or via injection. There are several forms of prescription medications used as cures for type 2 diabetes. Some inhibit blood glucose by limiting the amount produced by the liver, some increase the amount of insulin produced, while others work to make your body more sensitive to insulin in the hope that it will return to a normal sensitivity level.

The problem with oral medications is that the enzymes in the stomach break down some of the drugs. In these cases, type 2 diabetes patients might be forced to get regular insulin injections, which isn’t fun, but can help relieve symptoms. As a last resort, someone might be forced to carry around an insulin machine that disperses insulin automatically based on a doctor’s recommendation. Although none of these medications are complete cures for diabetes type 2, they can help the body return to more normal levels. Over time, the body might become less resistant to insulin, which means that you could possible reduce medications or injections.

The key to managing diabetes is the keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels so that you can identify which foods and medicines cause a spike. Once you have identified these items, you can remove them from your diet and find other medicines that won’t interfere with your diabetes injections and medications. Get plenty of exercise and eat a healthy diet and you will be well on your way to managing your diabetes. The goal is to prevent the need for injections for the duration of your life and make sure that your body sees as little effects from diabetes as possible.

Your life is going to change, so you might as well accept it. You must now get more involved than you’ve ever been in your health care if you want to survive.

World Diabetes Map

world diabetes map

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