How to make a hookah

How to make a hookah at home?
One of the weird news is that certain drugs like Hookah can be prepared at home. As on how to go about it:
Things required:
Pipes, chambers, Cylinder (with three openings), flavored gas (as per your choice)
  • First take all the things and place it ready to use.
  • Connect the pipes with valves so that no air escapes out.
  • Now connect one opening of the cylinder to the pipe with one opening facing upward, the other end of the pipe to a hose or a wire.
  • Fill the cylinder with the gas you would prefer.
You can smoke with the one end of the hose wire. The ashes are released on the top end of the cylinder through the pipe opening and the smoke on the hose end.
As strange as the procedure sounds it does result in a good pleasurable and satisfying smoke. It is very simple and cheap. Try it out and see, just ensure that you don’t get addicted and there are no underage people around.
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