Mechanical Elephant Walks Through London: Weird news at Its Best

Did you ever feel the world weighing down on you? Then you should have been in the streets of London when a ten-ton mechanical elephant was seen walking through the streets lighting up faces and towering down upon your tiny presence before it. This wacky invention is the work of Francois Delaroziere who was asked to make it as a celebratory token for the death of Jules Verne. Standing at the height of roughly a building, this piece of abomination needs as many as twenty two people who pull and push a combination of  hydraulic levers and buttons to be able to control the mammoth machine and make it move. The strange bit is the fact that the mechanical beast can actually imitate a real elephant and spray water from its huge mechanical trunk.
Mechanical Elephant 1
Mechanical Elephant 2 
Mechanical Elephant 3 
Mechanical Elephant 4 
Mechanical Elephant 5 
Mechanical Elephant 7 
Mechanical Elephant 8 
Mechanical Elephant 9 
There is little that can much this beast’s presence as the Londoners found out when it decided to go for a walk. The sad bit is that Jules Verne himself is no longer around to look at this savage piece of work, which may have impressed him enough to demand a ride on it. Either way it still is a brilliant thing to look at. Whenever you think of weird news then we will have to surely give this beast’s walk in London a thought. No one would want to offend it!

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