11 Facts about Vegetables

When I was a child, I hardly ever ate vegetables. I remember my mother eating a salad and of course, I had to taste what she was eating. The salad was very tasty and since then, I enjoy eating salads.
Grandma was notorious for making sure my brother and I ate our turnip greens (not my favorite at the time), but now I enjoy greens and it doesn’t matter what kind. more after the break...
I thought it would be fun to list a few things that I know about vegetables. Feel free to take part in this exercise. How might you ask? Leave a comment and add your 2 cents.
1. Vegetables are high in fiber. Fiber acts as an intestinal broom, cleaning out the debris.
2. Vegetables are low in calories. Trying to lose weight, increase your vegetable intake.
3. Vegetables come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. Eat different colors. Think rainbow, when eating your veggies!
4. Vegetables help prevent cancer. Eat your broccoli, cabbage and other green leafy veggies that are high in sulfur. Well, just eat them all.
5. Vegetables are builders. They are high in vitamins, nutrients and especially minerals.
6. Eat vegetables in many ways. You can eat vegetables uncooked, steamed, baked, roasted, stir fried, etc. You won’t get bored eating vegetables.
7. Vegetables are high in minerals. The human body needs minerals in carrying out reactions in the body. What better place to get your minerals than from your veggies.
8. Vegetables help improve hair, nails and skin. Hair, nails and skin love vegetables, especially those vegetables high in sulfur. Sulfur is not the only thing you need for hair, nails and skin improvement, but definitely at the top of the list.
9. Vegetables help aid in weight loss. Those of you who are on a weight loss journey, remember to eat your veggies. High in fiber, low in calories, good carbohydrates; you can’t get any better than that.
10. Okra is not a vegetable. Yeah had to throw this in, because I’ve always thought of okra as a vegetable, but it’s not. Produce with seeds present are technically classified as fruits.
11. Grow your own vegetables. You can grow your favorite vegetables, almost effortlessly. Well, not quite. You will need to invest some time and give your garden the tender, love and care that it needs. You will save money growing your own vegetables.
What do you know about vegetables and don’t tell us that you hate them? via

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