Iraqi Model and Singer Klodia Hanna كلوديا هنّا‎

Klodia Hanna (Arabic: كلوديا هنّا‎) (born April 25, 1985 in Baghdad, Iraq), better known as Klodia is a Iraqi singer and model. She currently lives in Cairo working on her debut album following the release of her first single in the Egyptian dialect, "Bandam Awy". info via Wikipedia   More info and images after the break...
Early life and career:
Klodia's career began through her work at a children's theater where she worked on stage and in children's programs in Iraq. She then worked as an announcer for several Jordanian and Iraqi channels. After that, she entered a beauty pageant and won the title of "Miss Abroad" in Syria. It was then she was informed at the age of 14 to start her modelling career. She worked as a model for several years. In 2006, she participated in the Miss Arab World pageant which was held in Sharm Al-Sheikh, Egypt. She entered that contest as "Miss Iraq" and won the title of "Miss Arab". She is the first Iraqi model to get the title. After the getting the title, she has participated in several charitable works throughout many Arab countries.
She then decided to pursue a career in music. She is currently working on her first album, which contains her lead single, "Bandam Awy" sung in the Egyptian dialect. She has released four other singles from the album, which are all in the Iraqi dialect. Those songs are "Tati Touati","Tahdid", "Ahbak" and "Tejafeny."
Her single "Bandam Awy" was a great success in the Arab World and the music video for "Bandam Awy" won the award for Best Emerging Singer Oscar International Video Clip.

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