10 Most Amazing horned dinosaur

Dinosaurs are prehistoric animals which are very popular. Scientists predict the Earth millions of years ago ni met by the animal - extraordinary giant animals. Yet, extinct and extinct, with various theories, some say due to a giant meteor hit the Earth and wipe out the dinosaurs.
Of the various types of dinosaur fossils, there is a species of dinosaur that is very spectacular and famous, namely ceratopsoans, horned dinosaurs. One type is a Triceratops, a horned dinosaur known as the most frequently appeared in various films of the dinosaurs.
There are 10 types of horned dinosaur that is extraordinary.

kosmoceratops horned dino 008 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
One of the last dinosaur fossil is found, we put in the first place. Because Kosmoceratops has at least 13 horns on his head.!! (15 if you count the horns on the jaw.). Scientists call it "the most beautiful dinosaur" because jewelry is very much,. Horn - horn in front of his face is the horn that is not visible to attack, but rather used to frighten predators and competitors. Dinosaur, which lived in North America, fossils were found in Utah, a state in western America. More after the break...

2. Coahuilaceratops
coahuilaceratops 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
Coahuilaceratops magnacerna very similar to Pentaceratops , the most famous dinosaur species mentioned in the introduction above. Dinosaur fossil was discovered in northern Mexico, Coahuila. He had a horn above his nose, and a pair of horns at the top which is the largest antlers among other horned dinosaurs. Length is about - about 1.5 meters. The name with (magnacuerna horns mean big horns). Although there is an estimated weight of up to 12 tons (2 times the weight of the T-rex), but actually only weighs about 5 tons, about the size of an elephant with a length of 7 meters. This is described in the year 2010, which is one of the additional information about ceratopsian this.

3. Rubeosaurus
e0080784 4c011830ef28d 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
Rubeosaurus formerly included in species Styracosaurus . Rumbainya horn size in less than Styracosaurus , but the horn on his nose is huge, so it deserves to be called a very dangerous weapon. Unlike the horns in Rhinoceros, which overall is made of keratin (a protein constituent of hair and nails), Rubeosaurus, and most ceratopsians, made up of cells filled the bone, which is covered by keratin. Keratin usually can not be a fossil, it is estimated that horn ceratopsians is longer and sharper by the time he was alive than on its fossils have been discovered. Unfortunately, without the remaining keratin layers, can not be the actual size can be estimated. Rubeosaurus part of this unique horn is the horn that is in the top rumbainya. There are a pair of horns that meet each other, thus forming a triangle.

4. Diabloceratops
diabloceratops bw 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
Diabloceratops means "horned demon face." Fossils were found in Utah. This dinosaur had a small horn on the nose., But a very large horn on his forehead, and the horn that is in rumbainya far greater.
Fourth sedan that, with two horns on the forehead, making his appearance very strange, very different from other dinosaurs ever found. Diabloceratops estimated as a primitive horned dinosaur, because it has some similarities with protoceratosids anatomy. His jaw is very solid and strong, and the horn and the body is very sturdy, it is estimated that these dinosaurs use it against predators that threaten them.

5. Einiosaurus
ig59 einiosaurus 02 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
Fossils Einiosaurus discovered in 1985, and was named in 1995. His name means "lizard bison." Although very close to Styracisaurus , he has different views. He only has two horns are long and straight at the fringe of his head, and a strange horn, "pug", and curved forward on the nose, so it looks like a bottle opener. Although the horn on the nose is not seen as an effective weapon, but the straight horn that is in rumbainya may be used to withstand the various karnifora, one of them to prevent attacks on its back. As Pachyrhinosaurus, Einiosaurus diketahu live in spacious habitats. This dinosaur fossils found in Montana region.

6. Styracosaurus
styracosaurus 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
Although this is one dinosaur dinosaur classic and has been known since 1913, Styracosaurus has made himself as one of ceratposians spectacular. He has a long and dangerous sebua tandukyang on the snout, and six others in the rumbainya horn (so that means he was given the spiny reptiles). These dinosaurs look very scary, so it is possible a lot of predators who do not dare to directly deal with these dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are approximately 5.5 meters in length weighing about 3 tons. Fossils were found in Canada.

7. Pentaceratops
5 pentaceratops 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
Pentaceratops often said to have the largest skull of any land animal (although meungkin Torosaurus and Eotriceratops able to compete). His name means "five-horned face." Actually there might be wrong calculations and estimates, because the two horns which is, actually a bone epujugal (like spines arising from the bone near his eye) that many are owned ceratopsians, but its size is very large at this Pentaceratops. Rumbainya have two holes or " fenestrae "are covered by the skin while still alive.
Paleontology Experts yakn that these brightly colored skin and used to frighten predators and challenge rivals in the same species. There's even a berspelulasi that they are able to change the color and complexion of the skin is like a chameleon. This dinosaur found in Mexico, with a length of 8 feet and weighing 5.5 tons.!

8. Medusaceratops
medusaceratops 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
Ceratopsian has an odd shape curved horns in the rumbainya. This horn length is about 7 meters. This dinosaur formerly known as Albertaceratops , but in 2010 his name has been replaced with the name above. Medusaceratops means "horned face medusa", because the horns are bent similar to the Medusa, the snake-haired female character from ancient Greek mythology. Dinosaurs are found in western Montana United States, and lived about 77 million years ago.

9. Pachyrinosaurus
pachyrhinosaurus 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
His name means "thick-nosed reptile," because in addition to having horns owned by kabanyakan ceratopsians , this creature has a weird bone that grows on the front, which looks like has been truncated because of a brawl.: D. They also have horns and thorns in the rumbainya and has a weird horn that is behind her eyes. The size and shape of the ornament - ornament is different - different in each individual, and may help them to know each other. Many fossils are found consisting of pairs - pairs of individuals with a young and adult individuals. This indicates that these dinosaurs lived in groups. This animal is large enough, to reach 8 meters in length and weighs about 4 tons!

10. Eotriceratops
mark eotriceratops0041 1 10 Dinosaurus Bertanduk Paling Menakjubkan
Eotriceratops was named in 2007, which means "early Triceratops", because it is similar to Triceratops, but lived millions of years earlier. Sejan famous Triceratops, Eotriceratops view (a typical fringe, two horns in the eye and a horn in the nose) becomes very familiar. But there is one thing that makes this dinosaur special, namely its size! He is ceratopsian largest ever, according to paleontological research experts, judging from the size of the skull bones along the 3-meter and the same weight with a car, this animal is possible to have a length of about 90-10 meters and weighing more than Tyranosaurus rex. These dinosaurs lived in Canada 68 years ago. via

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