Steampunk Toys by Carbfu

Steampunk Toys by Carbfu:
An interesting development would be to add the electronics, the promotion of these robots, or maybe just exploring the limits of performance of steam engines in real time pressure and temperature control, not unlike the engine management systems modern combustion engines. More pictures and info after the break...

According to the artist: I am an artist first and foremost, you can read some of my art and animation. Do something creative and unique is just part of my nature. I am interested in the old technology, but with a twist, in the spirit of steampunk. However, the form follows function, these ideas should work, otherwise no matter how they look. Wanted to build the first of its kind using the power of steam, and crazy / stupid ranks high in my book ....

These steam machines are real miniature steam engines in vivo. The principles are simple, + heat = steam, steam pushes the piston and provides energy in a circular motion .... how to make that work for you:) I mainly use stationary or marine engines to start. Drink alcohol, gas or solid fuels for heating and should be greased every execution. Distilled water is recommended, and the vapor pressure can build up around 1 to 3 bars, or about 10-40 psi. They have safety valves that release of vapor at a given pressure to "explode", typical execution times, depending on the machines is between 5-30 minutes.

Source: crabfu

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