10 Worst Products in the IT Field

The first environmentally friendly electric vehicle that is mass produced and launched in 1985. With the price of £ 399 you only get a maximum vehicle speed 15mph, with no gears, the distance the seat to the gas pedal can not be changed and the machine will overheat if used to climb in the hills. 9 More after the break... 2. Barcode battler
Launched in 1991, Barcode battler trying to compete with other legends of that time, namely Sega Game Gear and Nintendo Game Boy. But differ greatly with both the legend, Barcode battler have graphic and audio quality is very low and play it is a nightmare in itself. The concept is also strange, players can fight each other but not as character but only in the form of numbers on the screen. You have to rub a special card had a barcode or even barcodes from everyday products to the console is to play.
3. The Squircle
Items with the lowest value at CNET. co.uk bad design, no internal memory and quality sound Poor him into the ranks of the worst product. MP3 Players must be used together with an additional SD card.
4. Gizmondo
Looks like a black version of Shrek's head is not something interesting. Gizmondo launched in early 2005 and actually has interesting features like the ability to send messages text, Digital cameras and even GPS functionality. You will get a discount? from the original price of £ 229 if you allow the Gizmondo to display ads while you play (which they call by the term Smart Ads). But unfortunately it is not game-gamenyalah interesting. After a year of launch, the Gizmondo manufacturer Tiger Telematics, Went bankrupt, now no more games are developed, Smart Ads is not working anymore, and Gizmondo is now only a monument to failure.
5. Tamagotchi
Invented in 1996 by Aki Maita, Tamagotchi mennghasilkan a huge advantage for the manufacturer of Bandai. At that Tamagotchi is a must-have toy of children around the world. But why Tamagotchi regarded as the worst product? Because the Tamagotchi is very disturbing. This toy disrupt school lessons around the world, causing noise and fights, and wake you at dawn today to clean up digital dirt.
6. Apple Puck Mouse
Apple mempaketkannya with iMac G3 in 1998. This mouse has a button that is hard to find and you will not know where the direction designated by this mouse. But this mouse provides a new breakthrough, namely as the first mouse that uses USB connectivity. Fortunately, this mouse stopped production in 2000.
7. Atari Jaguar
Launched in 1993 to compete with consoles from Sega and Nintendo. Jaguar is a failure to convince Atari to leave the world of hardware. It should be a superior machine compared to other rivals (at that Jaguar claims itself as the only console 64-bit), Jaguar software was difficult to develop, so only a few game titles are released for this console. Users also complained about how difficult it is to use the controller that has 15 buttons.
8. Amstrad E-m @ slobber Telephone
When launched in 2000 it cost? 99 and you can use it to send email without using a PC. Actually the concept is very interesting but this phone is very difficult to use. Moreover, most people already have computer and development of the internet has become very unusual. This phone will probably sell well if they launch it in 1994 where computer with the modem is still very expensive and the web is still not too great, but unfortunately they are 6 years late.
9. Sony rootkit CD
Do you need a CD track that installs a rootkit on your PC? OF COURSE NOT. In 2005, Sony BMG 'Embed' Extended Copy Protection (XCP) and software MediaMax CD-3 to 102 title Audio CD. Customers who bought this CD and play it on computer they will be affected by malware known as rootkits. Rootkits can prevent detection of anti-virus and other security programs by hiding in the OS computer. Sony eventually would be responsible for this, for the full story you can see it here.
10. Windows Vista
Any OS that provokes a campaign relaunch OS predecessor, feasible technologies are categorized as poor. Any OS that has the option to downgrade to a previous version (in this case downgrade to XP), decent categorized as a bad technology. Any OS that requires 6 years of development time and finally hated by professionals and lovers of the PC, decent butuk categorized as technology. And Windows Vista experienced all these things. Inconsistence with the hardware and the excessive use of DRM is only a few cases that cause this OS is inserted into the list of worst technological categories.via

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