Bali Sea Temple - Pura Tanah

One of the temples of Bali sea the most important, Pura Tanah Lot (Temple of Earth in the midst of the Sea ") is a spectacular sight, especially at sunset. 20 More pictures after the break ...

The small island was formed by a gradual erosion of the ocean tides over thousands of years. Temple of Tanah Lot is said to have been founded by a priest on 16 Nirartha century, one of the last priests to come to Bali from Java.

What to See

Tanah Lot Temple is located on a rocky islet off the southwest coast of Bali. One of the holiest shrines of the Sea of Bali, Tanah Lot is dedicated to the guardian spirits of the sea temple itself is said to be guarded by the evil sea serpent living in the caves below.

The temple itself is not accessible to visitors, but a magnificent view can be a variety of places. Crowds gather especially on the terraces, close to seeing the glow of the sunset behind the temple. Naturally, there are plenty of souvenir shops and cafes to keep doing it well stocked.

Quick Facts

Name: Pura Tanah Lot temple of Tanah Lot Temple of Earth at sea "Sunset Temple"

Site Type: Temple

Faith: Balinese Hinduism

Status: Active

Dates: c.16th century

Location: SW Bali, Indonesia

Hours: Not open to visitors.

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