10 Strangest Laws Worldwide

01. Singapore
In an attempt to keep the streets of this city's ultra-efficient clean, the authorities decided in Singapore in 1992 to prohibit completely the gum. More after the break...
02. Eraclea, Italy
Many tourists head Eraclea sea to escape the hordes of tourists from near Venice. Unfortunately, those who love to build sand castles can think again - is not allowed.

03. Amsterdam, Netherlands
A curious loophole in the law means that the snuff smoking in a public place like a coffee shop in Amsterdam is prohibited, while blasting away on pure cannabis is entirely legal.

04. South-East Asia
The durian, a fruit native to Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, has a smell that is incredibly strong person in many public places in Southeast Asia.

05. Florida, USA
For those who are young, free and enjoy the jump in machinery in their free time to be careful if you are in Florida - unmarried women parachuting on a Sunday can be sent to prison.

06. Switzerland
Strangely, however, flushing the toilet housing is illegal to Switzerland after 22. It 'also against the law to exempt themselves from a man standing after 22.

07. Eboli, Italy
Honeymooners might be best to avoid hiring a car in Eboli, just south of Naples. Kissing in a moving vehicle here can carry a fine of up to €500.

08. Capri, Italy
Locals in Capri, northern Italy, must value their peace and quiet – a couple were arrested recently for wearing excessively noisy flip-flops, following the introduction of a ban on ‘noisy footwear’.

09. Alabama, USA
The Southern American state has a quite superfluous law in place which states that it’s illegal to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle.

10. Dubai, UAE
Dubai’s luxurious resorts and stunning beaches may seem like the ideal place to spend a romantic holiday, but don’t get too affectionate – kissing in public here is illegal, and many tourists have fallen foul of this law in recent years.

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