The Button King - Meet Dalton Stevens

Dalton Stevens

Meet Dalton Stevens The Button Kin:
Dalton Stevens of Bishopville, South Carolina, won the title of King of the button after 15 years of sewing and gluing thousands of buttons of all kinds of items.
Button King story began one night in 1983 when his insomnia unable to sleep. At the time, television was two o'clock in the morning, so he had to find something to pass the time. Search by his old tricks, he took old denim overalls and began to sew buttons on it. Two years and ten months later, Dalton was still a chronic insomniac, but his suit was covered with 16,333 buttons and weighed 16 pounds. Incredible as it may seem, it was only the beginning of his incredible experience with buttons. More images and info after the break...
Dalton Stevens
Even after completing his suit button, Stevens must be accompanied by thousands of buttons of different things. 3005, he glued the buttons of his guitar keys and 517 shoes. His banjo, piano, and his 1983 Chevette was soon followed, and soon, his unique skills attracted the attention of the media. He was accompanied by a local television program, then CNN, and soon all the world knew the story of the incredible Button King. It 'been invited to popular TV shows like Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Geraldo, Regis & Kathy Lee, which he uses the button covered live and play his banjo.
Dalton Stevens

In 2008, Dalton Stevens opened his Button Museum, where all his button masterpieces are set on display for everyone to see. Here you’ll see his famous Chevette, covered with 150,000 buttons, a hearse donated by a local funeral home, covered with 600,000 buttons (!!!), two button-covered coffins, a public out house covered with buttons, and many other artworks he has created over the years. The museum is located close to his house, on the outskirts of
Dalton Stevens
Bishopville, and the Button King, now in his 80s, doesn’t charge an admission fee.
In case you were wondering about those button-covered coffins, Dalton wants to be buried in one of them and taken to the cemetery in his unique button hearse. Yup, the Button King is planning to go out in style.
Dalton Stevens

Dalton Stevens

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