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Buzkashi, fight each other Extreme Sports Goats Wreck:
Dragging race or Goat Buzkashi is a popular sport of Afghanistan. Played on a horse in Central Asian countries such as Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan north, India and Kazakhstan. More pictures and info after the break...

Buzkashi Polo games can be compared with, there are two teams and players ride a horse, like the Polo, but instead of balls being used, but goat carcasses without heads or legs.

Rules of the game is to seize the carcasses of goats and then took him past the other players and kept running until past the goal line or into the goal circle.

Competition is usually fierce, some other players might use force to undermine a horse in order to thwart scoring attempts. The riders will carry a whip, usually they bite, to intimidate opponents horse and rider.

The riders usually wear heavy clothing and protective head to protect yourself against other players from the whip and kick boots. Games can last for several days, and the winning team receives a gift, not necessarily money, in return for the win.

Goat carcasses in the game Buzkashi usually beheaded and have limbs cut off at the knees. Then soaked in cold water for 24 hours before use to play to strengthen the carcass. Sometimes the sand is inserted into it to give extra weight.

Players Buzkashi professionally trained intensively for many years, by many masters (called chapandaz) aged over forty years. This game also requires specially trained horses that sale price could reach U.S. $ 10000-15000.



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