Trees Cocooned in Spiders Webs in Pakistan

An unexpected side effect fl00ding areas of Pakistan is that millions of spiders climbed trees to escape rising floodwaters. Fl00ding Given the scale and the water has taken so long to withdraw, many trees are closed and cobwebs. The people in this part of Sindh phenonemon have never seen before - but also stressed that now has less than mosquitoes that have come to expect, because amoungt stagnant, standing water, which is about. It is believed that mosquitoes are always taken into spider web, thus reducing malaria, which is one of the blessings to the people of Sindh, like many other difficulties after fl00ds. UK aid - in response to fl00ds Pakistan - to help the millions of survivors to return home and rebuild their lives. More images after the break...
Photos: Russell Watkins/Department for International Development

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