6 Sites in Asia Pacific New Only Defined As World Heritage

Recently re-released the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site to date. Of the 15 new sites crowned as world heritage, the six of them located in the Asia Pacific region that were located not far away with Indonesia.

Each year, Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), announced a variety of new places in the world that belong to the list of World Heritage Sites (World Heritage Sites).The program which began 16 November 1972 that aims to list, naming, and preserving the places that are very important in order to become a world heritage and can be enjoyed by generations to come.

This is the sixth World Heritage Site in the Asia Pacific.

1. British prison colony in Australia.
British prison colony in Australia

The United Kingdom to build thousands of jail in Australia during the 18th and 19th centuries.UNESCO set 11 of them as a World Heritage Site, which are located in Sydney, Tasmania, Norfolk Island, and Fremantle. Prisons were used to detain thousands of Europeans who were sentenced by the British government. Selecting it as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site as a monument to transfer prisoners in large numbers and signifies the European colonial expansion. More after the break...

2. Historic Monuments Dengfeng in China.

Historic Monuments Dengfeng in China

Located at the foot of Mount Songshang in Henan Province, China, there are eight clusters of buildings and ancient sites are located in an area of ​​40 square kilometers. Of the 13 structures of buildings and sites, among which is the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and kung fu; Songyang Academy, one of the oldest learning center in China; and temples Songyue, where berdirnya oldest brick pagoda in China. All existing buildings and sites in the region reflects the diverse ways in perceiving the center of the heavens and the Earth and the strength of the mountain as the center of religious worship.

3. Ancient Observatory in India.

Jantar Mantar in Jaipur, India is the largest and oldest observatory built at the beginning of the 18th century. The entire building is made ​​of local stone and marble are still well preserved today. The building was designed by applying architectural innovation and instrumental to be used for observing astronomical positions of celestial objects with the naked eye. The interesting thing is Samrat Yantra, 27 meter-high sundial still have a level of accuracy to two seconds.

4. Village Hahoe and Yangdong in South Korea.

Built in 14-15 centuries, and Yangdong Hahoe Village located in North Gyeongsang Province, has been named as the main representative historic clan culture in Korea. In both villages, the houses are arranged with the aristocratic good condition is still maintained today. In addition, there are also colleges that reflect Confucian culture of the Joseon Dynasty. Its location is surrounded by mountains, grasslands and rivers, has inspired many poets of the 17th century and 18.

5. Highlands in Sri Lanka.

This area was chosen by UNESCO because of ecological value. Forests in these mountains have a rich flora and fauna, some of which are threatened with extinction as Langur (monkey small) purple-faced, leopards Sri Lanka, and Loris Mainland Horton. Mountainous region that includes three protected areas also have a unique ecosystem. The trees are circular and "midget" is different from the height of trees in lowland forests in the surrounding area.

6. Thang Long Royal Citadel in Vietnam.

The fort was built in the 11th century by the Viet Ly dynasty on the ruins of the fort built in China the 7th century on land that drained from the Red River delta in Hanoi, Vietnam. The fort was the center of political power in the region for 13 centuries. The building reflects the unique culture of Southeast Asia and specifically in the Red River valley region with a strong cultural influence of crossing from China to the north and ToDo Ancient Champa in the south.

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