A Tallest Girl From Thailand

Towering head and shoulders above his parents, this giant of a teenager is the world's tallest huge 6ft 10 and could still grow. With a weight of 20.5 stone, Malee Duangdee eastern Thailand, she knew she was different from that of a young, growing much faster than his classmates. Her elevation raised the problems of 19 years, when she was at school and she suffered from bullies and the memory of a lonely life. she said. "I felt like a monster, the students made fun of me and call me names, but because the school I'm trying to feel comfortable with who I am I'm used to living alone, but it is very difficult. More images after the break...
As a result of her tumour, Malee has lost her sight. 'I've been tall for as long as I can remember and taking medication is part of my daily life.

'But as I've got older my eyesight has got worse and it's really difficult for me to get around.'

Her mother said that they try to do their best by their daughter, but they struggle financially: 'The injections have really helped to control her growth but they are expensive.

Most of her time is now spent with her family, particularly her three-year-old sister, Daoruang.

'I help my mother around the house and cook meals. I don't do much.

'I've never had a boyfriend. I don't think marriage is possible for someone like me, I'm just too different.

Malee was officially recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest girl in January 2009 knocking Brazilian Elisany Silva off the top spot. She was just 6ft 9in tall.

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